The New Curriculum 2014

September 2014 saw the launch of the Government’s new national curriculum. This has been an exciting opportunity for us to review our curriculum provision and further develop our unique approach to delivering the national curriculum so that our children are excited, engaged and challenged by the new programmes of study and curriculum content.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to develop important learning behaviours in our children, as well as impart key subject knowledge and skills. We hope that our approach to delivering the new curriculum will only prove to enhance the good practices we have been developing in recent years. The children develop skills and knowledge that they use and apply to create a range of project based outcomes.

We look forward to seeing our children develop further into even more confident learners who: problem solve; investigate; ask questions; work collaboratively; have a good level of concentration and perseverance; relish a challenge; are willing to ‘have a go’, and are not frightened to make mistakes, instead learn from them. Most importantly our children understand that if they find something difficult having these learning attributes will ensure that they are able to achieve it, with the right effort and attitude. We encourage our children not to say ‘I can’t do it!’, but instead to say ‘I can’t do it YET!’


In Key Stage 1 our children follow the phonics part of RWI, our children surpass the national averages in both the Year 1 phonics test and the Year 2 SATs. All English lessons are taught through a rich quality text and we use the ‘Power of reading’ scheme as a starting point for all our planning.


At Sutton-at-Hone we follow the National Curriculum for Maths and have created a fully differentiated approach to learning where children develop their mathematical fluency, using and applying and reasoning skills.


Year 1 Curriculum Map


Year 2 Curriculum Map


Year 3 Curriculum Map


Year 4 Curriculum Map


Year 5 Curriculum Map


Year 6 Curriculum Map


If you require any further information about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will put you in contact with the relevant subject leader.