House Points

Our school houses are colours and support three well known charities to encourage children to develop a sense of community and understanding of the needs of others.   This year, our charities are Age UK, Christian Aid and NSPCC.

Age UK

Christian Aid


How do House points work?

Children are put into houses when they join the school. They earn house points through good behaviour, hard work and generally through making a positive impact on the school. Children mark their house points off of their own individual record as well as then posting them to count towards the overall score for their house.

What do children earn with their house points?

The house points are counted up weekly and termly and the winning house is awarded a cup. As well as contributing to the houses scores, the children also earn awards for their own achievements. The house points build up and children earn rewards for achieving 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 points.