Our vision

French is introduced in Key Stage 2 and gives our children the opportunity to learn a new language and learn about the life and culture of another country. Our Christian values of Perseverance and Community are promoted in our teaching and learning of a new language, where we encourage our children to work hard, keep trying (as we all know learning a new language can be pretty tricky!) and to understand that people may have different life styles, backgrounds and cultures, in different parts of the world. Our focus is on practical communication, which will benefit our children when they continue learning a foreign language in Key Stage 3.


How we teach

French is taught through both speaking and writing and it is our aim to allow our children the possibilities to enrich both their understanding and their vocabulary. What they learn with us will lay the foundations for further language teaching in secondary school.

Our children will learn how to understand and communicate in French, through speech and written word on a number of subjects: themselves, their families, where they live, numbers, colours, clothes, school and holidays to name a few.

It is our intention to make their learning fun and to foster a desire to learn more! Our lessons are a mixture of role-play, discussion, speaking and writing.


A career in French?

Learning a new language will always be helpful on holiday, but what about for the future? Those that can speak another language have a whole host of possibilities open to them: teacher, interpreter, translator, tour guide, travel agent, a spy even!


This Autumn we will be celebrating our first ‘French Day’, where the children across the school will be celebrating all things ‘French’, including lunch.