Welcome to our proud page!

This page will celebrate some of the amazing work that your children have been getting up to!

At this time of school closure, we have been particularly proud of the learning the children have done at home through our Google classrooms. We have created a whole school topic for the children called Amazing Humans. This has given the children the opportunity to work together with other family members.

The children have written prayers to give us time to pause and reflect at this time:

Dear God

Thank you for all the courageous, kind people who were willing to risk their lives for us, their country; and for some like Colonel Tom, who are still alive and trying to help their country again through this battle as well.




Dear Father in Heaven

Let the sun shine where there is only dark, and our fears be abandoned.




Go to the Prayers page in the Christian Distinctiveness section to read some more prayers written by the children.




Have a look at our different year groups:

You can see by the smiles that some of these have been great family projects, with brothers and sisters in different year groups!


Katie has been working really hard on her addition work.  She’s been learning how to work out sums mentally.  Well done, Katie!

Year 1

Isaac and Nancy have been working very hard to create some fantastic work for our Amazing Humans Topic. Here they are using glowsticks in the garden to explore how our bodies move. They had an excellent time completing this task and much laughter ensued! Click on the link to watch their video.

Isaac and Nancy glow sticks


Year 2

Charlie has written a letter to his Great Nanny and Grandad to tell them what he has been doing. We think he has made a great effort to show beautiful joined handwriting.


Please open Ethan’s beach poem – it’s a real treat! The children were asked to write a descriptive poem about being at the beach. They needed to use all their senses in their description.


Ethan's beach poem

Click here to view

Year 3

Nancy and Isaac made a skeleton in a very creative way!


Year 4

Evie has created her own tribute to our NHS heroes. Thank you Evie.

Lucie designed her own obstacle course. It looks a great way to exercise, Lucie! Click on the link to watch Lucie testing her course.



Year 5

Lucas has written an acrostic poem about Amazing Humans.

Lewis, and his brother Samuel, made Spaghetti Bolognese. It looks delicious – and very healthy! Click to view the photos and see their recipe!



Lewis and Samuel's Spaghetti Bolognese

Click to view

Year 6

Landon designed and tested his own obstacle course.


Bailey has written a powerful story about a boy called Sam, who lived during World War Two. Sam survives several air raids;  the pain of separation from his family when he is evacuated; and lives in constant fear that his father will not return home from the fighting.

Please click on the link below to read Bailey’s story: