Our Classes

This year we are named after scientists, past and present, recognising the important role science is playing in our current environment. Through this, we aim to inspire the children to want to consider ways in which they can improve the world around them. We will be able to teach this through our values of Community and Service, and through the British Value of Respect.

2020 – 2021 Class Names

Year Class Name Teacher’s Name
Foundation Stage Jenner Mrs Champion
Foundation Stage Curie Mrs Richards and Mrs Tolhurst
Year 1 Seacole Miss Orrell and Mrs Peake
Year 1 Nightingale Mrs Roberts
Year 2 Garrett-Anderson Mrs O’Brien
Year 2 Franklin Mrs Coleman
Year 3 Lister Mr Goodchild
Year 3 Fleming Mrs Saville
Year 4 Blackwell Mrs Dorrian
Year 4 Darwin Mrs Walters and Miss Gotts
Year 5 Banting Mr Ritchie
Year 5 Hippocrates Mr Silver
Year 6 Barnard Miss Dinan
Year 6 Scantlebury Miss Greenbank