Our Classes

This year our classes are named after endangered animals. We recognise many animals around the world are in danger of extinction due to environmental factors. By naming our classes after some of these endangered species, we hope to inspire our children and our wider school community to be passionate about caring for our planet and, in our own individual ways, to make a positive difference to the world around us.

“There is a powerful force unleashed when young people resolve to make a change.” – Jane Goodall

2021 – 2022 Class Names

Year Class Name Teacher’s Name
Foundation Stage Dolphin Mrs Champion
Foundation Stage Turtle Mrs Richards and Mrs Tolhurst
Year 1 Koala Miss Orrell and Mrs Roberts
Year 1 Orangutan Mrs O’Brien
Year 2 Puffin Miss Thompson
Year 2 Panda Mrs Coleman
Year 3 Lemur Mr Goodchild
Year 3 Lynx Mrs Saville
Year 4 Adelie Penguin Mrs Dorrian
Year 4 Tiger Mr Ritchie
Year 5 Polar Bear Mrs Walters and Miss Gotts
Year 5 Bat Mr Silver
Year 6 Bonobo Miss Dinan
Year 6 Pangolin Miss Greenbank