Our Christian vision and values help us to make positive choices about the way we live and behave. We are inspired by Jesus to be courageous advocates for change in our community.

40 Acts

During Lent this year, we are encouraging the children to take part in 40 Acts, both at home and at school. Different people observe Lent in different ways, but mainly by giving something up. 40 Acts encourages people to also do something generous for Lent too. Here are some of the activities you could share in at home:

  • Make a card for someone who is unwell
  • Think of a way to save energy today and support climate change
  • Pick up 10 pieces of litter today

We would love you to share with us some of the ways you have taken part in this! You can download the family wallchart below.



40 Acts Family Wallchart



Through the family of one our teachers we have been able to learn about how a local church sponsors a church in Kenya to help build nursery schools for local children. As a result of the sponsorship programme, 400 children in the Maasi region are now receiving teaching in basic subjects, enabling them to go on to state education and thereby improving the quality of their life and the lives of their families. We have written to some of the children at the schools and one of the local church members attends our Collective Worship regularly to update us on the progess being made.

Reverse Advent Calendar

In December 2018, two brothers at our school were inspired to start a reverse Advent calendar. They wrote a letter which was sent out to all families, asking the rest of the school to support them in collecting items to be given to support homeless people. By the end of term, they had collected six large boxes of clothing, tins and other long-life food items which were given to Sanctuary, a local charity.