Our Classes

This year we are named after British landmarks, with the aim of promoting British Values and developing children’s understanding of life in Britain, broadening their knowledge and teaching them more about the world in which they live.

2018 – 2019 Class Names

Year Class Name Teacher’s Name
Foundation Stage Windermere Mrs Chapman & Mrs Richards
Foundation Stage Windsor Mrs Roberts
Year 1 Loch Ness Mrs Richards & Miss Orrell
Year 1 Globe Mrs Coleman
Year 2 Lands End Mrs O’Brien
Year 2 O’Groats Mr Goodchild
Year 3 Eden Miss Gotts and Mrs Peake (Mrs Walker on maternity leave)
Year 3 Sherwood Mrs Ruffin
Year 4 Stonehenge Mrs Dorrian
Year 4 Kew Mrs Walters and Miss Husband
Year 5 Snowdon Mr Ritchie
Year 5 Hadlow Mr Silver
Year 6 Scafell Miss Dinan
Year 6 Nevis Miss Greenbank