Academy Consultation Process

Everyone at Sutton-at-Hone Church of England Primary School works together to provide exciting teaching and learning for all our children. Our school is already very successful, but it is important that we plan for the future and ensure we build on the strengths of the school to ensure we continue to provide the best education for our children.

As part of its strategic role, the school’s Governing Body has been reviewing the school’s approach and position regarding Academy conversion in response to recent changes in Government (DfE) policy and advice from the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education (RDBE).

What is an Academy School?

An Academy school is a publicly funded independent school. Any school can decide to become an Academy and increasing numbers of schools are considering whether they should convert to Academy status in the future.

The Governing Body has established 3 key questions it is seeking to answer in its investigations:

The Governing Body has established a Working Party, led by the Vice Chair of Governors, to further understand the benefits and disadvantages of becoming an Academy instead of a local authority school. The Working Party recently shared an update with the Governing Body on its latest findings and has recommended that the views of our community should be further understood before any recommendation is developed.

Primary Question:

  • Would Academy conversion be in the best interests of the children at Sutton-at-Hone CofE Primary School?

Secondary Questions (should the Governors conclude that Academy conversion would be beneficial to the school):

  • What format of Academy structure would be most beneficial to Sutton –at-Hone CofE Primary School?
  • What are the key aspects of the provision at Sutton-at-Hone CofE Primary School that should be protected/maintained?

 The Consultation Process

In order to help the Governing Body in reaching a decision, we requested to hear from all stakeholders about whether you thought Academy conversion would be in the best interests of the children at Sutton-at-Hone CofE Primary School.

The consultation process ran for 6 weeks from Friday 10th June 2016 to Friday 22nd July 2016 and there were a variety of ways you could share your views with us; open community meetings, online questionnaires, via email or in writing to headteacher and/or chair of Governors.


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