Our Classes

This year we are named after countries to help the children develop a knowledge of the wider world. The children will learn about their country throughout the year.

2017 – 2018 Class Names

Year Class Name Teachers Name
Foundation Stage Malta Mrs Chapman & Mrs Richards
Foundation Stage Denmark Miss Zwolskyj & Mrs Richards
Year 1 Botswana Mrs O’Brien
Year 1 Cyprus Mrs Coleman
Year 2 Italy Mrs Dorrian
Year 2 Australia Miss Atkins & Miss Orrell
Year 3 Germany Mrs Walker
Year 3 France Mr Goodchild
Year 4 Canada Mrs Ruffin
Year 4 Kenya Mrs Peake
Year 5 Brazil Mr Ritchie
Year 5 Thailand Mr Silver
Year 6 South Korea Mrs Richards and Mrs Walters
Year 6 South Africa Miss Greenbank