Our Classes

Each year our classes are named after inspirational people. This year we are named after charities/charity founders to help inspire children to develop a desire to help others who are in need. The children learn about their charity throughout the year and, where appropriate, make connect with them.

2016 – 2017 Class Names

Year Class Name Teachers Name
Foundation Stage Swanson Mrs Chapman & Mrs Abbas
Foundation Stage Horizons Miss Zwolskyj
Year 1 Heroes Mrs O’Brien & Mrs Richards
Year 1 Battersea Miss Oakley
Year 2 Little Buds Mrs Dorrian
Year 2 Sales Mrs Walker
Year 3 Lions Miss Atkins & Mrs Heseltine
Year 3 Geldof Miss Annea
Year 4 Curie Mrs Ruffin
Year 4 Ormond Mrs Peake
Year 5 Hume Mrs Walters & Mrs Gayle
Year 5 WWF Mr Silver
Year 6 Wateraid Mr Ritchie
Year 6 Bagpuss Miss Greenbank